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The Yummy Stewed Socks Wiki History[note 1]

Many milliseconds ago, some bright spark decided that it would be a great idea to 'collaborate'. This strange and mystical idea spawned, at first, a document of revision. This document of revision was no mere desperate scribble of a tired student, scratched into a notepad late at night, it was a shining beacon of hope for every tired and desperate student. Now only a little bit of work was needed from each student and exam time became a lot easier and less terrifying.

These early days were not without their dangers. The occasional sensitive student was lost to anonymously planted images of great controversy. However, these dangers did not deter the brave new students from their collaboration: The benefits of such an arrangement far outweighed any problems. Soon, exam practice was added to their repertoire, meaning that even though some exams had no feedback or answers available, students could still practice, checking each other's practice answers for correctness.

This was by no means the pinnacle of the age, there were still improvements to be made. The anonymous nature of the documents of Goog meant it was easy to destroy what had been carefully crafted. The documents also relied on the attention of a single administrator. Styling was occasionally random and the documents were becoming rather monolithic. It would be all too easy for the documents to be lost to future generations as well.

In order to improve upon the situation, a wiki was proposed. A whole website dedicated to student collaboration, intended to help generate and maintain a source of guidance for many years to come. A place to collect and share explanations. This project was a more ordered realisation of the early days of collaboration.

Unfortunately, the success of the wiki was not to be, at least for a time. Much research and effort was made. A test wiki was set up and populated. It was almost ready, but victory was snatched away by the gaping maw of second year. It took many months of rest for the survivors to recover and return to the wiki. A new wiki was proposed and the survivors began to work with the university to bring the project back to life. The old pages were ported over, many being re-written and from the failed ashes of the old wiki a new one was born. One that would make it to release.

May this wiki live on, bringing many peaceful nights to those caught in the whirlwind of exams.


Many thanks to the following people for helping to make the student wiki a real thing:

  • Matthew Ellwood (Filler-in of all the tedious pages and lists)
  • Matthew Akerman (The resident grammar Nazi)
  • Tom Robinson (Who shall now be dubbed 'The Collaborator'[note 2] for his great sacrifices to the Documents of Goog)
  • Me (The guy who spends hours writing all this stuff)
  • Every beautiful person who adds to this wiki, and even the ugly ones, of which there are many.[note 3]


  1. I guess the title could have been 'The Univesity of Manchester School of Computer Science Student Wiki History', or the wonderful set of acronyms: 'UoM SoCS Student Wiki History', but why the heck not call it Yummy Stewed Socks? How else was I meant to make 'UoM SoCS' bearable?
  2. By me.
  3. I'm joking. You're all so very sexy.


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