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The module index lists all the available modules. Click on a course unit to see the documentation for that course. If you're creating a module's index page for the first time, see this guide.

Year 1

Module Code Module Name
COMP10120 First Year Team Project
COMP11120 Mathematical Techniques for Computer Science
COMP11212 Fundamentals of Computation
COMP12111 Fundamentals of Computer Engineering
COMP14112 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
COMP15111 Fundamentals of Computer Architecture
COMP16121 Object Oriented Programming with Java 1
COMP16212 Object Oriented Programming with Java 2
COMP18112 Fundamentals of Distributed Systems

Year 2

Module Code Module Name
COMP21111 Logic and Modelling
COMP22111 Processor Microarchitecture
COMP22712 Microcontrollers
COMP23111 Fundamentals of Databases
COMP23420 Software Engineering
COMP24111 Machine Learning and Optimisation
COMP24412 Symbolic AI
COMP25111 Operating Systems
COMP25212 System Architecture
COMP26120 Algorithms and Imperative Programming
COMP27112 Computer Graphics and Image Processing
COMP28112 Distributed Computing
COMP28411 Computer Networks
COMP28512 Mobile Systems

Year 3

Module Code Module Name
COMP30040 Third Year Project
COMP31111 Verified Development
COMP31212 Concurrency and Process Algebra
COMP32211 Implementing System-on-Chip Designs
COMP33411 Software Design using Patterns
COMP33512 User Experience
COMP33711 Agile Software Engineering
COMP33812 Software Evolution
COMP34120 AI and Games
COMP34411 Natural Language Systems
COMP34512 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
COMP35112 Chip Multiprocessors
COMP36111 Advanced Algorithms 1
COMP36212 Advanced Algorithms 2
COMP36512 Compilers
COMP37111 Advanced Computer Graphics
COMP37212 Computer Vision
COMP38120 Documents, Services and Data on the Web
COMP38411 Cryptography and Network Security
COMP38512 Digital Wireless Communication and Networks
COMP39112 Quantum Computing

Year 4

Module Code Module Name
COMP40901 Industrial Group Project
COMP60332 Automated Reasoning and Verification
COMP60342 Optimization for learning, planning and problem-solving
COMP60411 Semi-structured Data and the Web
COMP60421 Ontology Engineering for the Semantic Web
COMP60532 Principles of Digital Biology
COMP60542 Introduction to Health Informatics
COMP60611 Parallel Programs and their Performance
COMP60621 Designing for Parallelism and Future Multi-core Computing
COMP60711 Data Engineering
COMP60731 Advanced Database Management Systems
COMP61011 Foundations of Machine Learning
COMP61021 Modelling and visualization of high-dimensional data
COMP61232 Mobile Systems
COMP61242 Mobile Communications
COMP61332 Text Mining
COMP61342 Computer Vision
COMP61421 Computer and Network Security
COMP61521 Component-based Software Development


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