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It's worth watching certain pages. This can be done through the drop-down menu next to the search box. Watching a page allows you to monitor the changes to watched pages easily.

Editors (of all types)

As a regular editor, there are only a few pages worth watching by default. You should probably watch any pages of particular importance to you too (e.g. pages you've created or know a great deal about and wish to maintain).

  • Meta:Rules: Be sure to keep up to date with any rule changes.
  • Meta:Suggestions: People may make suggestions from time to time. You might wish to show your support for certain ideas.
  • Project Index: If you want to be a regular editor, you might want to keep up with any new projects.
  • Template Index: New templates can be pretty useful editing tools. If you regularly do significant edits, check them out.


As administrators, there are some pages you should be watching to keep up to date with site issues.

  • Main_Page: Maintenance of the main page is the responsibility of the admins. Keep an eye on it.
  • Meta:Rules: Do I need to explain this one?
  • Meta:Suggestions: Site suggestions should be responded to at some point. Make sure new suggestions get a reply.
  • Meta:Staff: Your job appears here. Keep it up to date and watch to learn about any newcomers.


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