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The UoM SoCS Student Wiki (AKA The Yummy Stewed Socks Wiki to anyone awesome) is a student run wiki for the University of Manchester. It's main aims are to provide collaborative notes to aid in learning computer science and to aid in revision. The Core Project page goes into more detail.

If you want to know more about how the wiki came about, see the project's history.

For the moment the wiki is publicly visible so that leaving students can still use the wiki as a reference, and so that the work done here may also benefit students elsewhere. The admin team will aim to keep things this way. All the material on this wiki is produced by students. Unless something goes wrong the material should be original and produced freely. There is no copyright attached to the material produced by members of this site but it makes sense to link back here rather than copying the wiki's contents. You're welcome to make use of the material on this site to aid in any educational pursuit though.


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