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The modelling part of the course covers both the acquisition of models and various kinds of models that are used in Computer Graphics. Polygonal modelling is covered in COMP27112 so it will not be covered here. Instead, these notes will discuss procedural modelling techniques.

Procedural Modelling

This area is rather short and could do with expanding to cover more information.

Polygons are ill suited for displaying effects such as fire, water and clouds. Manual editing of polygons is also not suitable for creating things like terrain, trees or hair. The models commonly used to create these things are known as procedural models.

Particle Systems

Particle systems are used to model effects such as fire, water, smoke, bullet casings and other similar effects. Particle systems may be used artistically (e.g. as an effect for a magical spell in a game) or for realistic simulations (e.g. the flow of smoke through a burning building in a CG movie scene).


Fractals can be used as a procedural way of generating detailed surfaces at any level of zoom, without the need to store extra data. One of the primary uses of fractals is generating detailed terrain from relatively little information.

Grammar Based Models

Grammar based models use simple grammar production rules and are often used to generate plants and other natural growths.

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Model Acquisition

COMP37111/Modelling/Model Acquisition

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