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Guidance Cards - Test
Guidance Cards - Code
Guidance Cards - Refactor

Red-Green-Go! is a board-game-inspired coaching activity, designed to introduce the agile practices of test-driven development and ping-pong pairing. The aim is to allow learners to experience the flow of the TDD style of development on a small but real example, in a short amount of time, without needing lots of guidance and hand-holding.

Working in pairs, players move their counters around the board to follow the key steps in the red-green-green TDD cycle as they work through a small but real example. "Community chest" style cards provide guidance on what tests to write and on key refactoring strategies for whenever players are stuck. QR-codes and links lead to pages in this wiki, giving more detailed explanations plus pointers to further resources and examples, for those who need a little extra help to keep moving forward with the example.

For a quick introduction to how the game works, check out our | animated overview.

The game was designed by Martin Borizanov, Suzanne Embury and Caroline Jay, of the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, as a teaching resource for use on our undergraduate and postgraduate course units on agile software engineering. It is publicly distributed under the Creative Commons licence.


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