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Author Chris Page
Contact Support
Repository github
Issue tracker github
OS Neutral (web based)
Will not work with IE8 or older
URL Newsagent
Feed Subscription management page

The feed subscription management page allows users to easily change the feeds they are subscribed to. The "Currently subscribed feeds" list shows the feeds the user is currently subscribed to, while the "Available feeds" dropdown allows the user to select any feeds to add to their subscription.

Accessing the management page

When a logged-in user clicks the "Manage" button on the Feed List page, they will be immediately taken to the feed subscription management page (or they are shown an error message if they have no subscription set up). Anonymous users - users without Newsagent accounts - can not log in to manage their subscription. Instead, they will be prompted to enter an authorisation code:

Newsagent Feed AuthCode.png

Each subscription digest email sent to users who have set up email-only subscriptions will contain an authorisation code in the footer. This changes for each email, to reduce the changes of misuse, and if a user has deleted the last subscription digest email they can request a new message through the "send a new authorisation code" link.

Currently subscribed feeds

The "Currently subscribed feeds" list shows you the list of feeds you are currently subscribed to. If you want to remove a feed from you list of subscriptions, select the checkbox for the feed you want to remove, and then click the "Unsubscribe from selected feeds" button that will appear above the "Currently subscribed feeds" list.

Available feeds

The "Available feeds" dropdown lists all the feeds available in the system. To add one or more feeds to your subscription, select the feeds in the dropdown and then click on "Add to subscription"

Delete subscription

To delete your subscription completely, click the "Delete subscription" button. Once you click on this button your subscription will be removed, and you will not be sent any more daily feed digests until you set up another subscription.


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