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Notification Method Options

When some notification methods are enabled, additional options for that method may appear beneath the Article box in the Compose or Edit pages. This page describes the method-specific options available to users.

Email settings

When the Email method is activated for one or more recipients, the Email settings box will open. The options contained in the box allow the author to modify the behaviour of the Email notification method and specify additional recipients for the message. The options provided are:

CC recipients
A comma separated list of additional email addresses to send the email notification to. Note that these recipients will see each other's addresses in the message header.
BCC recipients
A comma separated list of additional email addresses to send the email notification to. Unlike the above recipients, any additional email addresses specified in the BCC recipients field will be sent copies of the email individually, with no indication that other recipients were specified.
Allows you to specify the address that messages should go to if the recipient replies to the notification email. By default this is set to the author's email address, but it can be omitted or set to another address as required. If you set an address other than your email address in the Reply-To field, please ensure that the owner of the email address is aware of the fact that they may receive replies to the message you send.
Subject prefix
Emails sent from Newsagent may have the subject automatically prefixed with a standard string to help users identify that the message has come from Newsagent or another well-known source. The dropdown lists the prefixes available to you, and if you do not need or want a prefix you can select the "No prefix" option.
Send me a copy of this article
Ticking this box will send a copy of the notification to your email address.

Twitter settings

Some users have access to post messages to Twitter. When a Twitter notification method has been enabled, the Twitter settings box will open.

It is important to note that, by default, when you enable Twitter notification, the contents of the Article Summary box are used as the contents of the Twitter status update. This behaviour can be changed using the "Tweet text" option in situations where the Summary text is unsuitable for use in Twitter (if, for example, you do not want to place @usernames and #tags in the summary text).

Type-ahead and auto-complete for @usernames and #tags is not currently implemented in Newsagent. Development of this facility is in progress.

Tweet text
By default the article summary text is used as the tweet text. If this is not appropriate, you can change this option to "Use custom tweet text" to open a new text box in the Twitter settings box. The new text box should contain the text you would like Newsagent to update the selected Twitter account(s) with.
Include link to full article viewer
This option allows you to control whether a link to the full article is automatically included at the end of the Twitter update. Three settings are currently supported:
  • The "Use default feed viewer URL" option will include a link to a full article viewer on the School website, using the Newsagent Feed(s) you have selected to publish the article in to determine the appropriate viewer.
  • The "Use internal Newsagent viewer URL" option will include a link to a Newsagent article viewer. This is possibly a better option to use if the article is being published at just the "General" level and thus does not appear on the school website normally.
  • "Do not include full article viewer link" disabled the inclusion of a link to a full article viewer. Use this if you want to include an appropriate link yourself, or if there is no need to link the full article.
"Use internal Newsagent viewer URL" will produce links that do not currently work. Issue #10 will introduce a working Newsagent article viewer.


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