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Author Chris Page
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Repository github
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OS Neutral (web based)
Will not work with IE8 or older
URL Newsagent

The Files tab allows users with sufficient permissions to attach files to articles. If you do not have permission to attach files, you will see a message to that effect rather than the file management UI seen below.

Files uploaded to Newsagent through the Files tab are not subject to any kind of access control: they can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere. It is extremely important that you only upload files the university has permission to distribute, and you must not upload files containing sensitive or restricted information: you should assume that uploaded files will be publicly visible[1].

Newsagent Compose Files.png

If you have permission to upload files, you will see the file upload box shown above. To upload a file:

  • Locate the file you want to upload in your operating system's file browser (Windows Explorer, OSX Finder, etc)
  • Drag and drop the file onto the "Drop a file to attach here." box. The box will change colour, and your mouse cursor will change, when you have dragged the file into the box correctly.
  • The status box below the drop area will update to show you the upload progress.
  • Once the file has been uploaded, several checks will be performed on it:
    • Only certain types of may be uploaded; the list of supported formats is shown in the drop box. If the file you have uploaded is not in a supported format, an error message will be shown.
    • Uploaded files are checked for viruses before being accepted. If Newsagent detects a virus in the file you have uploaded, it will be rejected with an error message.
  • Once successfully uploaded, your file will be added to the 'File attachments' list just above the file drop box.

If you attach multiple files to an article you can reorder the files by dragging them around in the list. If you want to remove a file from the list click on the Newsagent File Remove.png remove button.

You can attach any number of files to an article, and it is possible to attach files to Normal Article articles and to Newsletter articles. Notification messages sent for articles include links to the attached files: the files themselves are not sent with the message to reduce load on the institutional infrastructure (and to reduce the chance of bounces caused by quota limits!)

  1. Because they are publicly visible!


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