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Author Chris Page
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OS Neutral (web based)
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Image Library

The Image Library popup allows users to select an image from the list of images already uploaded to Newsagent, or upload a new image to use. To open the Image Library, click the Click to select image button that becomes visible when the Lead Image or Article Image dropdown has been set to "Use existing or upload new image".

The Image Library consists of two distinct areas:

Newsagent Image Library Ann.png

Existing images

The top of the Image Library is the existing image selection area. Here you can browse through all the images that users have uploaded to Newsagent, and select an image to use as your articles Lead Image or Article Image.

Initially the existing image selection area will show the 30 most recently uploaded images, but as you scroll down through the list of images the image library will load more images. If you move your mouse over an image in the selection area the image library will overlay some information about the image: its name, who uploaded the image, and when it was uploaded. At the top right of the existing image selection area there are two dropdowns that allow you to filter the images shown in the image selection area: the "Show uploads by" dropdown allows you to toggle between showing uploads by all users, or only images uploaded by your account, while the "Order by" dropdown lets you toggle between image age and filename ordering.

If you locate an image you want to use, click on it to select it. This will close the image library and set the selected image as your article's Lead Image or Article Image as appropriate.

Upload area

If you can not locate a suitable image to use in the existing image selection area, or you have a particular image you want to associate with your article, you can upload it to Newsagent by dragging and dropping the file into the "Drop an image file to upload here" box: open a file browser on your computer, locate the file you want to upload, and drag and drop it into the image library upload area. Immediately below the upload area is a progress bar that will update as the image is uploaded and processed on the server, and once the upload is complete the image library will close and set the uploaded image as your article's Lead Image or Article Image as appropriate.

Please note that the Image Library will attempt to identify when you try to upload an image that is already in the system. If it finds a match, the already uploaded version of the image will be used.

Image sizes and formats

The Image Library will only accept images in JPEG, PNG, or GIF formats. Other image formats are not supported, and attempts to upload unsupported images (or anything that isn't an image) will result in an error message. The image library handles the process of resizing images to suitable dimensions for you as needed:

  • Lead Image images are always 130x63 pixels in size. The system will try to be intelligent about scaling and cropping uploaded images to fit.
  • Article Image images are limited to at most 450x450 pixels. Uploaded images that exceed these dimensions are scaled down to fit, retaining their aspect ratio, while smaller images that fit within both the width and height limits are left unscaled.
Technical information: two additional sizes are generated for each upload, for internal and support use. A 128x128 version is generated for use in the Image Library when selecting an Article Image, and a thumbnail up to 350px wide and at least 167px high is generated to serve as the thumb image in RSS feeds.


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