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Author Chris Page
Contact Support
Repository github
Issue tracker github
OS Neutral (web based)
Will not work with IE8 or older
URL Newsagent
Compose page
This quickstart documentation does not cover many of the features and important aspects of Newsagent. It is intended as a simplified supplement to, not a substitute for, the Compose documentation.

Once you have logged into Newsagent, the minimum effort required to create articles and send notifications from the system is:

  1. Fill in the Subject and Full text fields in the Article box. If you do not set the Summary it will be taken from the first part of your article Full text. If that is not a good indication of your article's content, please set a Summary.
  2. Select a feed that you want your article to appear in via the Show in feed dropdown in the Settings box. For example, select the feed Study - UGT if you want to contact undergraduate students.
  3. Select the visibility level of the article in that feed by ticking one or more of the Visibility levels checkboxes (see below for more about this)
  4. If you want copies of your article sent to users via email or Moodle, select the Recipients to send copies of the article, and how to send it to them. Leave any recipients you don't want to contact on the default "Select options..." value. For example, to send copies of the article to second year undergraduates:
    • Click the Newsagent Tree closed.png to the left of All UGs in the Recipients list
    • Click the Select options... dropdown to the right of Y2 check the the Email and/or Moodle options.
  5. click "Add Article"

Articles appear in feeds instantly, unless you have set a future Publish time, in which case the article will only appear in the selected feed (and any associated notifications sent) once the selected publish time has been reached.

If any notifications have been selected the article will be sent out to the selected recipients once a 'safety delay' period has passed (5 minutes after the article has been published). If you need to edit your article for any reason during this delay period, click on the "Article list" button at the top right of the page next to your username, and click on the entry in the article list to bring up the edit page for your article. This is nearly identical to the compose page: simply make any edits you need to make, and then click "Edit article" to update it.

Articles authored in Newsagent always go into a news feed, and the feeds may be syndicated as needed by whomever wants them. In order to control where your article will be visible, you set the Visibility levels during composition.

  • Important articles appear on the school home page, regardless of the feed they are in. You should only tick the Important tickbox if you feel the article should appear on the front page of the school website.
  • Medium articles appear on leader pages on the school website. For example, articles placed in the Study - UGT feed with the Medium level selected will on the Study leader page on the school site, and on the corresponding sub-leader for undergraduates.
  • General articles do not currently appear on the school site (and are not officially syndicated anywhere). If you are just sending information or general announcements to students that should not appear on the school website (but can be shown elsewhere!), you should check this box.


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